7 Ways Your Bloodhound Is Basically Sherlock Holmes

Don't try to hide anything from your Bloodhound. He is already on the case!

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"I've picked up the trail. Let's roll!" Via dogs.worldwide/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Bloodhounds are known to be the best scent hounds in existence with more scent receptors than any other dog breed. Because of their great noses, they have often been utilized by law enforcement to track suspects and missing people. They are also tenacious and hyper-focused, so they can stay on a scent trial for as long as it takes.

In fact, the Bloodhound is known to be such an asset to police, that the breed inspired the cartoon character, McGruff the Crime Dog, who was created by the National Crime Prevention Council to promote crime awareness among children.

Here are seven ways your Bloodhound is a great detective.

1. They are always up for a search and rescue.

“We can’t say no to a man wearing an ivy cap.”

2. They start their official police training young.

“When do I become chief?”

3. They are skilled at stakeouts.

“You can’t see me, right?”

4. They’ll be on the scent until they find the perp.

“He went this way!”

5. They know when a suspect is giving them the runaround.

“So you say you were at home at the time of the robbery? Mmmhmm.”

6. They are always on the lookout and very observant.

“The Donaldson’s seem to be growing their hedges higher than usual. Interesting…”

7. They never rest until the case is closed.

“Finally I can get some shut-eye.”

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