7 Things Cat Fancy Uncovered about Beth and Howard Stern

Dog and cat advocate Beth Stern, along with "King of all Media" Howard Stern, open up in the July issue.

Supermodel turned pet advocate Beth Stern tells all (about cats and dogs) in the July 2014 rescue-themed issue of Cat Fancy, with photos from husband Howard Stern. Howard needs no introduction but we’ll give it anyway – radio personality, host of “America’s Got Talent” and overall “King of All Media,” which now includes cat pictures for America’s most widely read cat magazine.  

“I’m really impressed with the Sterns for all they’re doing to help homeless animals,” said Cat Fancy Editor Susan Logan. “We’re thrilled to have their combined talent grace our pages. Beth is really becoming the new face of today’s cat lady.“

Cat Fancy found out several things about the dynamic couple. Here’s a preview.
1.    Howard Stern sure can shoot cat pictures. He provided the cover shot, showing off his wife with an adorable kitten. OK, good models make for great pictures, but having taken tons of cat pictures we know how hard it can be and have to give Howard his props.
2.    The Sterns are nosy. Their cats are under surveillance while the Sterns are out of the house.
3.    Beth Stern chooses favorites. She loves all the cats she’s seen, sure, but she revealed the name of one special member of the household to Cat Fancy.
4.    She also name-drops (but only about celebrities’ cats, so we’re OK with that). Beth mentioned the names of some high-profile pet people who are making cats look even cooler.
5.    Howard Stern’s hair is kitten crack. Beth told Cat Fancy that the small cats love hanging out and hiding in Howard’s hair.
6.    Dreams can come true. Beth talked about a big leap forward in caring for cats that will help save lives.

7.    The pair will shock you. Well, Cat Fancy editor Susan Logan thinks so. She talked up Beth and Howard Stern’s devotion to cats in a press release, and said that readers will be surprised by the couple’s devotion to cats.

“Beth Stern is not only one of the most photogenic supermodels in the world, she does so much to help animals,” Logan said.

Hear more about how the Sterns have helped cats. Pick up the July issue of Cat Fancy on newsstands and in bookstores now.

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