7 Simple Gift Ideas for Cat People this Holiday

Make a cat person's season bright by gifting them an inexpensive item you can customize or creating an easy DIY project.

The holidays are here, so ‘tis the season to show our love and celebrate the cats in our lives. Don’t have a huge gift budget this year? Fret not. Here’s our roundup of inexpensive but appreciated gifts for cat parents. Our handpicked favorites include practical, easy-to-make items that still add some festive cheer.

Customized Catnip Pillow

If you have basic sewing skills and a machine at your disposal, you could easily create a catnip pillow. Simply use an attractive and soft material suitable for a comfortable cat nap spot. Leave a small opening that securely closes with a bit of velcro. You can stuff some catnip inside and, for a personalized touch, you can sew the cat initials on one side of the pillow. Your cat will go wild.

Catnip Pillow and Blanket Tutorial 1
Catnip Pillow and Blanket Tutorial 2

Kitty Litter Container and Scoop

Turn an ice cream bucket or a throwaway plastic tub into a cute, useful container. Paint it with nontoxic paint and decorate it with fanciful ribbon or buttons. If you’re concerned with your cat getting into mischief with the decorative touches, opt for something soft and that won’t catch or tangle your cat. Add a plastic scoop to use it as a kitty litter container. Sans the scoop, you can use it to store your cat’s favorite toys, cans of wet food, or packaged treats.

Kitty Litter Container and Scoop Tutorial

Baby Sock Cat Toy

This easy DIY baby sock catnip toy requires a few basic materials: small, colorful feathers, a small sock (a child- or baby-sized sock works great), catnip, and string. You can also create one in the shape of a mouse, using felt fabric in a favorite holiday pattern. Or get creative and fashion it into the shape of one of your — or your cat’s — favorite things.

Baby Sock Catnip Toy 1
Baby Sock Catnip Toy 2

Wine Cork Cat Toys

Add a twist to some wine corks to create a toy that your cat will adore. Making these are super simple and just require colorful shoelaces, thick string, and wine corks. Just make sure the tassels at the ends aren’t too long. You can put them in a holiday bootie along with some other goodies for your feline. An alternative is to crochet catnip toys in the shape and size of wine corks. It’s perfect for hours of engagement and play.

Wine Cork Cat Toy

Colorful Crocheted Catnip Balls

Got basic crocheting skills? With some yarn and catnip you can make these adorable and fun little catnip balls. Create them in a size that is most comfortable for your cat. These make for  wonderful stocking stuffers.

Crocheted Catnip Balls

Hand-Drawn Illustration of Your Feline Friend

Hire someone to create a cute portrait of your cat, or put on your artist’s cap and give it a whirl yourself. On Fiverr [https://www.fiverr.com/]  you might be able to find someone to draw an illustration for only $5. Just order well ahead of time to make sure it arrives before the holidays. Put in an inexpensive yet nice frame that you can decorate with buttons, glitter, and ribbon.

Simple Toys Sprayed with Homemade Catnip Spray

Go to your favorite pet store and purchase some cheap toys. Then with items found around the house, such as a tea strainer, funnel, catnip, and measuring cup, you can concoct some homemade catnip spray and spritz it on your cat’s toys, pillow, or favorite blanket.

Homemade Catnip Spray

Showing the cats in your life how much they mean to you doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With some creativity, know-how, and items found around the house, you can drum up your own ideas to make some fun and useful presents for your kitty. Happy holidays!

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