7 Signs Your Siberian Husky Is A Rebel Without A Cause

The active and outgoing Siberian Husky doesn't always play by the rules.

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You think Sid Vicious was a rebel? Siberian Huskies make punk rock look tame. Via Releashed Rescue/Petcha
Katrina Rossos

The Siberian Husky is the James Dean of the dog world. Huskies are independent thinkers who may not always do what they’re told. While they don’t wear a leather jacket and smoke cigarettes, Huskies are known rebels whose intelligence and curiosity can sometimes lead to mischief.

Here are seven signs your Siberian Husky is a free spirit with a mind of his own:

1. He prefers to sit on the couch, and you, instead of the floor.

2. Your Husky often comes back in the house looking like this. Deal with it.

3. He’s never touched the dog bed you bought him.

4. He is often an escape artist.

5. He pees where he wants to pee, when he wants to pee. 

6. He will retaliate when made to wear a cone. And he is not cleaning up the mess.

7. If caught in the act, you will often get a look of shock, but no apology.

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