7 Signs Your Devon Rex Is Part Monkey

Often poised on your shoulder, the Devon Rex is a jaunty and playful feline — or a monkey in a cat suit?

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When you own a Devon Rex, be ready for some monkey-ing around! Via mishka_hunter/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Devon Rex is known for not quite being “all cat.” This breed loves to climb high and has a bit of mischievous streak — just like a monkey. While many other cat breeds share dog-like behaviors, such as playing fetch, performing tricks on command and being food-motivated, no other cat breed quite behaves like a little monkey the way the Devon Rex does.

Here are seven signs your Devon Rex is just a monkey posing as a cat.

1. They love to perch on your shoulder.

2. They sometimes look as if they are swinging from tree to tree.

3. They often look for, and find, trouble. 

4. They can balance on the narrowest of ledges.

5. They love being silly and getting up to a little monkey business!

6. They often look a little monkey-ish.

7. They never turn down a chance to be a little cuddle monkey, snuggling up to a fellow feline (or primate!) for some love and affection.

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