7 Signs Your Burmese Cat Thinks You’re Made of Velcro

There is nowhere else your Burmese would rather be than on your body.

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When your beard starts to look like your Burmese Cats, there might be a problem. Via Burmese Cat Owners and Lovers/Facebook
Katrina Rossos

Burmese cats are known for being softhearted and lovey-dovey, so when we say they will be stuck to you like glue — we mean it. Nicknamed the “Velcro Cat” because they love to be constantly held, both the American Burmese and the European variety (with a longer snout) prefer the comfort of your arms to the coziness of a La-Z-Boy.

Here are seven signs your Burmese cat thinks you are just one movable Velcro mannequin.

1. They enjoy being worn as a scarf.

2. If they are not stuck on you, they are clinging to something, or someone, else!

3. They don’t want to hear how you’re tired of carrying them around.

4. They find the curvature in your elbow a much finer bed… than their actual bed.

5. They are none too pleased when something else is in their spot!

6. They are permanently affixed to your face.

7. Their favorite outfit of yours is overalls, for obvious reasons.

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