7 Signs Your Boxer Truly Is A Kid At Heart

Forget growing older. The Boxer hangs tight onto the toddler life — in his mind, anyway.

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There's never a dull moment when you have a playful Boxer by your side. Via Canine Lifeline, Inc./Petcha

Nicknamed the “Peter Pan” of dog breeds because of his never-diminishing playful personality, the imposing-looking Boxer is actually a giddy kid at heart. Don’t fret at the sight of gray fur on your Boxer — that silly puppy you brought home years ago is not going anywhere. No matter what physical maturities occur on the outside, Boxers fail to “grow up” on the inside!

Here are seven signs your Boxer is really just a child in disguise.

1. He can never have enough toys.

2. He still believes in Santa Claus.

3. He still hasn’t grown out of the kiddie pool.

4. He loves a good bedtime story.

5. He knows how to use his sad face to get what he wants. And he does.

6. He loathes bath time. A lot.

7. Being held is a necessity no matter how big he gets.

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