7 Signs Your Newfoundland Dog Is A Great Lifeguard

Someone should definitely remake "Baywatch," but with Newfoundland dogs as the lifeguards instead of humans.

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The lifeguard is on duty. Via Tracy Lee/Flickr
Katrina Rossos

The Newfoundland was bred to be a search and water rescue dog. Their webbed paws, impressive swim stroke, incredible endurance and strength, and waterproof coat all combine to make the perfect lifeguard.

Now, you might not think the Newfoundland is an extraordinary water hound just by looking at one. The Newfoundland is a constantly drooling behemoth with a thick coat and docile demeanor. But if there is a swimmer in danger (or really just a swimmer), the Newfie will not think twice about jumping in the water and going after them.

Here are seven signs your Newfie is a better lifeguard than David Hasselhoff.

1. They run drills in the pool.

2. They know how to rock polarized aviators.

3. They will test the temperature of the lake water before letting you dip your toes in.

4. They are always up for extra ocean training.

5. They are pros at shaking off water in slow motion.

6. They always have backup.  

7. And finally, they will tow you in whether you are in danger or NOT.

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