7 Signs Your Japanese Bobtail Is A Good Luck Charm

The Japanese Bobtail cat breed has been viewed as a symbol of good luck for many centuries.

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Japan’s Maneki Neko, or beckoning cat, is a good luck charm believed to depict the Japanese Bobtail. Via Kouran/Flickr and shiromedaka99/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Japanese Bobtail is a sign of good luck in Japan. Those little cat statues with the raised paw you see at Japanese restaurants and stores? They are called Maneki Neko, and they are believed to represent the Japanese Bobtail — raising a paw to welcome you into the establishment and foster prosperity and good fortune.

When you actually own a real-life version of the ancient Japanese symbol of luck, life just seems to go your way. And with a loving, chirping Japanese Bobtail at your side, every day seems like a blessed one!

Here are seven signs your Japanese Bobtail is bringing you a charmed life.

1. Travel prices drop when they’re around.

2. Free stuff comes in the mail.

3. Sunsets are somehow more beautiful with a Japanese Bobtail by your side.

4. Babies stop crying in their presence.

5. When you spill tomato sauce on your tie, they always seem to have a spare.  

6. The dog actually listens to you when they are nearby.

7. Life does not lack beauty and adventure when you’re with your Japanese Bobtail — it’s all part of their charm!

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