7 Saint Bernards Who Are The 7 Dwarfs In Disguise

The Saint Bernard is a dog with a lot of personality — seven personalities, in fact.

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The St. Bernard can sometimes be a little bit of a Grumpy. Via lucybear_saintlife/Instagram and Snow White/Facebook
Katrina Rossos

The Saint Bernard is a big, drooling, clumsy, lovable furball — a gentle giant who is a great family dog, and a huge snorer. This popular breed is a total character, and they resemble another famous character, actually make that seven famous characters — the dwarfs from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

From Sneezy, to Sleepy, to Grumpy, to Doc (the Saint Bernard was bred to rescue people from avalanches in the Alps), the Saint Bernard has all the charming characteristics of Snow White’s seven roommates.

Here are seven Saint Bernards who could easily serve as stand ins for Doc and crew.

1. Sneezy

“Is there snot on my nose?”

2. Sleepy

“Do not disturb.”

3. Bashful

“No, pictures, please.”

4. Grumpy

“I have not gained 5 pounds. You take that back!”

5. Happy

“Hello, special person!”

6. Dopey

Via gooseandchuck/Instagram

“Derpy, derp!” Via gooseandchuck/Instagram

“Derpy, derp!”

7. Doc

“Who needs some life saving?”

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