7 Reasons Your Birman Cat Is So Soft-Spoken

Sometimes it’s just better to keep your lips sealed.

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Although they look an awful lot like Balinese and Siamese cats, one way you can tell a Birman apart from their color-pointed Oriental cousins is their meow, or lack there of. Siamese and Balinese cats love to talk, a lot. And while Birmans are communicative, they are more apt to sit peacefully on your lap than get up in your face and yap your ears off. When the Birman does meow, it’s a soft-little chirp rather than a wailing yowl — and that is quite fine by us.

Here are seven reasons your Birman is tight-lipped.

1. They are very zen.

2. They are exceptional listeners.

3. They do not like disturbing the children of the house.

4. They like to hide, so be very, very quiet.

5. They like it quiet when they’re watching their stories.

6. They would rather study in class then spread gossip about the teacher.

7. Because sometimes they know it’s better to sit quietly with their owner than waste time being a chatter-cat.

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