7 Reasons Your American Curl Cat Refuses To Grow Up

American Curl cats act as if they live in Neverland.

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Why would you want to grow up when you can play like a kitten for the rest of your life? Via mikenya0814/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Peter Pan never wanted to grow up and the American Curl doesn’t want to, either. Dubbed the “Peter Pan of Cats” because of their lifelong kitten-like personality, the American Curl is playful, curious, craves attention and is always up for an adventure.

So, why not mature into an elegant feline? Here are seven reasons why your American Curl rebuffs the notion of getting older.

1. Growing up means getting up early, and American Curls do not believe in the snooze button.

“Saying it’s ‘time to get up’ means nothing to me.”

2. They will never stop loving fluffy balls on a string.

“This is delicious!”

3. They can’t give up their “kitten” blanket.

“Back away from the blankie.”

4. Because they prefer to keep their head in the clouds instead of their paws on the ground!

“La di da, di da, di dum…”

5. They do not want to give up their fancy toys.

“You are never taking away my Ferrari.”

6. Blowing out candles is humiliating.

“Agh, now everyone knows my age! I’ll take a piece of cake, though.”

7. Because being mature is for dogs.

“Fuzzy tongue out Friday!”

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