7 Pro-Cat Podcasts

Multitask by learning more about cats through your earbuds while you go about your day.

Pet sitting for me and most other sitters I know isn’t just about caring for cats; an awful lot of dog walking is involved, too. I must admit it. I’m just as attached to my canine friends as I am to my feline ones. And dogs do give me something the cats just don’t: 30 minutes of walking time per pet every day, perfect opportunities for donning ear buds and listening to podcasts.

None of the ones that regularly take up too much space on my phone are specifically about animals, but I get a thrill when Marc Maron talks about LaFonda or Monkey or Boomer on WTF,  or Khoshekh, who doesn’t exist like regular cats but instead floats around a radio station men’s room, shows up in Welcome to Nightvale.

The hole in my podcast queue that’s been waiting for animal content is about to be filled. Here are a few to check out.

  • AVMA Animal Tracks, hosted by Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine professor Dr. Tony Buffington, has produced almost 200 episodes covering a wide range of topics. The first one I tried was the most recent, an episode about creating a cat-friendly home. Turns out I’m doing a good job of that with Fergie. Then I moved on to shows about fat cats — I’m doing less of a good job on that front — cat carriers and hookworm. Next up are the ones I’ve already downloaded about understanding pet food labels, benefits of cat ownership — I can name a bunch — and one called Help Your Cat Live All Nine Lives. There’s another one on pet fish surgery that is just too intriguing to pass up.

  • Cat Mojo with Jackson Galaxy. Just a few short minutes each, these videos by the Animal Planet superstar include lots of advice on a host of cat topics.
  • It’s Raining Cats and Dogs. Before it ends up as a podcast this show airs on commercial Seattle radio station KIRO. The host, Shawn Stewart, interviews expert guests about cats and dogs. On a very recent episode she discussed now-famous Tara the Hero Cat’s viral video with a behaviorist who revealed what may have been going on in the minds of both the celebrated cat star and the dog villain.
  • Awesome Advocates. On this show, Keith Sanderson and his sidekick silent partner Max A Pooch interview people who are doing great things for pets.
  • Ask the Cat Doctor.  Dr. Shelby Neely has been in veterinary practice for 20-plus years and hosts a call-in show all about cats. The sound quality is not the best, but her health and behavior advice is valuable and she also discusses lighter topics along the lines of famous Internet cats, DIY cat toys and how to talk to your cat.
  • In a Purrfect World is from author/blogger Pamela Merritt. It’s an engaging show about understanding our cats to keep them healthy and happy.

I’m not sure how my dogs would feel if they knew I was leaning about cats while walking them. For a full education I guess I should brush up on my dog topics, too. Should I start with dog park safety or running with your dog?  

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