7 Photos That Prove Bombay Cats Are Basically Heat-Seeking Missiles

If you can't find your heating pad, chances are your Bombay cat is borrowing it.

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"This is the best spot on the planet." Via spotticusmaximus/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Like most cats, the beautiful Bombay enjoys being warm. But the Bombay, which looks like a miniature panther with onyx-colored fur and bronze eyes, has developed a reputation for really loving the heat. Like a lot.

Dubbed “heat-seekers,” this cat breed will go out of its way to seek the warmest spot in the house. They’ll seek out open laps and patches of sun. You can often find them cozied up in front of the fireplace. And you can definitely expect to share your bed with your Bombay.

Here are seven photos that prove Bombay cats love being warm and toasty.

1. They wrap themselves up in blankets like a burrito.

2. They delight in sitting by a sunny window.

3. They hog all of the covers.

4. They love to sit by a running dryer.

5. They enjoy a nice hot cup of tea (or, at least they enjoy snuggling next to it).

6. They’ll snag a spot on the stove if the oven is still warm.

7. And lastly, this is the look you’ll get if you put them out in the cold.

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