7 Oriental Cats Who Think They’re Ballerinas

The lengthy legs of Oriental Shorthairs make these cats perfect dancers.

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The lithe, nimble Oriental will plié his way into your heart. Via ginjamoments/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The long slender legs of Oriental Shorthair and Longhair cats immediately conjure up the image of a willowy ballerina. And like a ballerina, Orientals are thin, but muscular. While these attention-loving kitties are not always graceful, they do their best to appear to be!

Here are 7 Orientals practicing their ballet skills.

1. Touching your toes and engaging your core is vital for every ballet dancer.

2. Just a few more relevés at the barre.

3. A ballerina never forgets to stretch before the curtain rises.

4. This second position needs work.

5. Reach and extend…

6. Always remember to bend at the waist during a port de bras.

7. And finally a grand jeté!

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