7 Korat Cats Who Are Craving Your Attention Right Now

If you love adoration and kitty playtime, the Korat is the match for you.

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Don't even think about doing something without your Korat/good luck charm. Via Natasha Kerry Yoga/Facebook
Katrina Rossos

In their native country of Thailand, the Korat is thought to bring good fortune — which is good news because this cat will constantly be at your side.

Korats form strong connections to their owners and relish the company of their human companions, often hating to be left alone. This attention-loving kitty insists on receiving endless affection and entertainment whenever possible, so get ready to spread the love when your Korat comes around.

Here are seven Korat cats yearning for your acknowledgment.

1. “I’m on your lap, so why am I not being pet?”

2. “Stop watching cat videos and play with me!”

3. “Did you think I’d let you leave the house without me? Ha!”

4. “Wait. You’re going to bed now? But, I’m not tired yet!”

5. “You’re not done with your homework yet? Hurry this up. ‘Big Cat Diary’ is on at 8!”

6. “Do you want to hang?”

7. “If I don’t get to come inside right now and rub up against your ankles, I’m going to lose it.”

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