7 Hilarious Tweets About Parrots

140 characters of birdie goodness here. (Warning for some language.)

Hear what people have to say about their parrots. Via Julie R/Wikipedia


The tweet that proves dinosaurs were really scary.

Anyone who thinks dinosaurs look stupid with feathers clearly hasn’t been attacked by a large irate parrot before.

Brighem (@Brigpodpod) January 20, 2016


Our new favorite parrot joke.

ME: The man just ran in, took the parrot & ran out COP: Did he even say anything? M: No C: Strange M: Not really. He’s not a talkative bird

Jon (@ArfMeasures) January 19, 2016


The one hybrid we could get behind?

What to you get if you cross a parrot with an elephant? An animal that tells you everything that it remembers!

Marie Diaz (@MarieMaMarieMa) January 10, 2016



The problem with telling a parrot to shut up repeatedly is that she eventually tells you to shut up right back.
Dristy (@Dristerrrr) January 10, 2016


Are parrots questioning their existence too?

My parrot just screamed “WHAT AM I?” at me and I fear he may be having an existential crisis.

PLANT BOY (@vegdaddy) January 15, 2016


For the people that hate a certain word.

Sorry I taught your parrot the word “moist”

Awescar (@awescar) January 12, 2016


A feeling everyone can relate to when your parrot goes quiet.

Where the fuck is my parrot?

Ryan Cook (@RyanCook__) January 10, 2016

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