7 Exotic Shorthair Cats Who Would Rather Be In Your Lap

You never have to worry about a cold lap when you own an Exotic Shorthair.

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Two exotics means double the snuggles! Via pantsandboots/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Exotic Shorthair is known for having a calm and sweet disposition, the type of kitty who would prefer to snuggle up in your lap and watch Netflix than be outside climbing trees. Not only are they dubbed the “lazy man’s Persian” because of their easier-to-care-for coat, Exotic Shorthairs can be fairly lazy on their own terms. They have an easy-going, laid-back personality and relish being held. So you better start working out those arm muscles!

Here are seven Exotic Shorthairs who would rather lounge about and be cuddled than do anything else in the entire world:

1. “Oh yeah. That’s the spot!”

2. “Are you gonna rub my belly or what?”

3. “The crook of my mommy’s neck is the best pillow!”

4. “Holding me is not the same as snuggling with me!”

5. “Stop pretending you are too tired. I demand you caress me, human.”

6. “This is my absolute favorite place to be.”

7. “But if you’re not home, snuggling up with a stuffed duck will suffice for the time being.”

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