7 Collies Who Just Want To Lend A Paw

If something is wrong or needs fixing, you can count on your Collie to come to the rescue.

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The loyal Collie is always nearby to lend a helping paw. Via smoothcollie_rasmus/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Collie is well recognized as the “boy scout” of dog breeds, immortalized by Lassie, the Rough Collie who consistently helped her family thwart danger on her namesake TV show. The uber-perceptive Lassie always knew when something was awry and, for once, the Hollywood version of a dog breed was not too far off.

Collies are both highly intelligent and sensitive. When you combine these two characteristics in one dog breed, the result is a canine cohort who is hyper-aware of her family’s needs.

Here are seven rough- and smooth-coat Collies who are constantly at your service:

1. “Whew, your morning breath is worse than my dog breath. Maybe you should give those pearly whites a little brush.”

2. “You look cold. Here’s some extra firewood!”

3. “I corralled you a herd of deer! You are quite welcome.”

4. “The sun is super bright today, so I brought you some shades.”

5. Oh, you spilled a little of your dinner. Let me lick that up for you.

6. “Never fear, I’ll catch the water that is coming out of this monster machine!”

7. “Hey, Mama. I think you need a little kiss.”

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