7 Chihuahuas Who Relish Their Pampered Stereotype

When your breed is known for living a spoon-fed lifestyle, why wouldn’t you embrace it?

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There is never a bad day to wear a great dress. Via nina.the.chihuahua/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

There’s a reason Chihuahuas have a stereotype for being spoiled pooches – they love to be pampered. While some small dogs frown when you put them in an outfit or roll them around in a baby stroller, the Chihuahua is typically all for the special treatment.

These petite pooches are mostly indoor pets, because they are sensitive to extreme temperatures, susceptible to large predators and require minimal exercise. And when you are indisputably born a small lapdog, the best thing to do is just kick up those primped paws and accept the overindulgence of your doting owners!

Here are 7 long- and short-haired Chihuahuas who loved being pampered.

1. “It’s impossible for me to get any real shut eye without a proper satin sleep mask.”

2. “Can you please cut my croque monsieur into kibble-size pieces,
S’il vous plaît?”

3. “Are we there yet? I’m late for my weekly grooming appointment.”

4. “Where are the rainbow sprinkles?”

5. “My plush portable car seat is the only way I travel, and the front seat is a must.”

6. “When the dog days of summer hit, it’s time to warm these paws seaside!”

7. “Can we please talk about this later? The “Real House-Chihuahuas of Orange County” is about to start.”


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