7 Bird-Themed Tops You Can Wear To Work

Fun and colorful, bird and parrot lovers can dress for success and show off their love of birds with these summer blouses, sweaters and tops.

One of the editors in our office asked me the other day what bird people were like and if there were any sayings or quotes about them. I told her the only quote that came to mind was the one from Mark Twain: “She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.?(Note: The quote is from Following the Equator by Mark Twain. You can find it at the top of Chapter 57, as a quote attributed to Pudd?head Wilson? New Calendar.) The editor laughed upon hearing this and said she thought that was insulting. I told her that I chose to take it as a compliment, such as bird people aren? snooty.

This particular quote could be seen on t-shirts at bird shows, back 10 and more years ago, when there used to be a lot of local and national bird enthusiast organizations. I attended ?lt;/font> and still do ?a variety of events for animal lovers. The cat lovers were mostly decked out in tiger or leopard prints, the dog people wore lots of brown and dark colors, and the bird people wore jewel toned t-shirts or casual dresses. I have always thought of us bird people as bright and sparkling with atypical interests.

One of the pet industries biggest pet product trade shows is in a few weeks, and I have to figure out what to pack in my bags. I love bright colors ?lt;/font> like the beautiful yellow feathers of my pied cockatiel and the amazing blue and green feathers of my blue-headed Pionus. I like to show my love of birds at these events, yet stick to the dress code of business casual. There are some interesting possibilities out there for sale right now that I thought I would share.

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