7 Bengal Cats Who Love Splashing Around

A Bengal's perfect day most assuredly includes one thing: water.

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Want a happy Bengal? Just add water. Via oliverthebengal/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Most cats are not fans of water, but then again most cats are not ancestors of the wild Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal’s exotic ancestry is what differentiates the breed from other domesticated cats in terms of water play.

If you draw a bath for a Domestic Shorthair, your cat will most likely run under the bed until you drain the tub. However, when a Bengal comes across a container full of water, it’s party time! Most Bengals share a strong affinity for water, and Bengal owners love nothing more than watching their felines splash and swim about.

Here is a look at seven Bengal cats enjoying a bevy of water activities.

1. “Nothing beats family bath time with my kittens!”

2. “There is always something fun lurking beneath a running stream. Watch out trout!”

3. “Nothing beats my morning shower.”

4. “What is this basin full of water and where has it been all my life?”

5. “Chasing water toys is my cardio.”

6. “A swim at the beach is my idea of purr-adise!”

7. “After a long day in the water, sometimes a Bengal just needs an extra-plush cat tree to sleep on.”

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