More Than $6K Has Been Donated For Memorial To Beloved British ‘Bus Stop Cat’

Missy, lovingly known around town as "Bus Stop Cat," recently had to be put down after she was struck by a car.

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Missy, a beloved presence at an English bus stop, was struck by a car and killed. Via JustGiving

For several years, commuters in Hampshire, England, could always count on seeing a familiar face while they waited for the Number 39 bus. Missy, a 12- or 13-year-old orange and white cat, had been a longtime fixture at the bus stop, and was beloved by the passengers who scratched her ears before they started their workdays. Sadly, Missy reportedly was recently struck by a car and suffered injuries that were so severe she had to be put down.

In the days since her death, the bus stop has become a shrine for the cat, as broken-hearted commuters have brought flowers, handwritten notes and even drawings to memorialize her.

“It made my day when I visited to see you at the bus stop,” one note quoted by The Mirror read. “You always liked having your ears tickled and you were good company while I waited for my bus. Forever missed.”

More than £4,220 has been donated in Missy's honor. Via JustGiving

More than £4,220 has been donated in Missy’s honor. Via JustGiving

Perviously, it was believed the cat had been brutally kicked to death, but now veterinarians have confirmed Missy was a victim of a hit and run, possibly while on her way home, according to The Mirror.

A JustGiving crowdfunding campaign has also been launched, with the goal of purchasing a permanent plaque honoring Missy.

“We would like to raise as much money as possible for a plaque and the remaining monies going to charity for the 39 bus stop cat,” the campaign’s founder wrote.

As news of Missy’s death — and what she meant to the community — has spread, the campaign’s modest £500 ($730) fundraising goal has long been exceeded. At the time of this writing, more than £4,220 ($6,160) has been donated in her honor.

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