6 Ways Scottish Fold Cats Are Like Owls

With folded ears and cherub faces, the Scottish Fold looks a lot like a little owl.

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Who is that? An owl or Scottish Fold? Via Brian Scott/Flickr
Katrina Rossos

Is that an owl munching on catnip? One quick glance at a Scottish Fold and you may have to do a double take! This adorable cat breed’s resemblance to the owl is uncanny. Their physical stature, facial expressions and even lifestyle parallel the owl.

Here are 6 reasons why the endearing Scottish Fold can double for those birds that hoot!

1. They have very large eyes.

2. Some owls have tufts of hair that look like Scottish Fold ears!

3. They have a very short neck.

4. They are wise. Maybe they are not as wise as an owl, but they can live up to 18 years and that’s certainly enough time to gain some wisdom.

5. Their round head has a short muzzle — mimicking the owl’s spherical noggin and tiny beak.

6. They look constantly shocked and surprised by your shenanigans… which is basically how owls look all the time.

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