6 Ways Cats Grace Stationery

Say it with cats. Write a note on one of these cat-themed stationery sheets.

Writing a short report card detailing all the fun we had (and the occasional problems) is the last thing I do for every cat-sitting assignment. That means I’m always on the lookout for cards and notepads.

I recently learned that Jessica Hische, a letterer/illustrator/professed crazy cat lady has teamed up with the Luxe Project by Moo.com. During the month of May sales of her gorgeous hand-drawn monogrammed stationery will benefit the ASPCA.

Additional distinctive papers include …

I first stumbled upon the Pottering Cat, rubber stamp creations from Japan, in a Los Angeles shop in Little Tokyo and bought up every design I could find. Among other adorable things, the cats play with yo-yos and string and ride on swings.

These http://www.mrprintables.com/printable-note-cards-cat.html lined notecards sport cute cat faces complete with pointy ears.

If you’re a person who employs a pet sitter instead of being one yourself you might need this pad from TenFour Paper. The message at the bottom — “Please don’t kill my cat” — is disturbing, but there are blanks for providing contact information for you and your vet as well as general instructions.

Grow-a-Note cards are on clearance and they feature a sweet kitty floating in a hot air balloon. I don’t know how he nabbed that fish.

I like this site because of the variety of memo pads, cards and writing paper there is to choose from.  I like the pencil sketches best, particularly the one called “stripes” because it looks like my cat.

Crane designs are simple yet distinctive.

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