6 Tips To Keep Your Parrot Warm

Know what to do when your parrot gets too cold.

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Hypothermia occurs when birds experience prolonged exposure to extreme cold. This process can be slowed, if not stopped, in time to get your bird to an avian veterinarian. If temperatures are low, and your bird appears to be adversely affected by the cold, take these steps:

1) Wrap parrots in towels or blankets to conserve their body heat.

2) Provide birds with a heat source of some kind, like a heating pad.

3) Pay attention to birds?feet. Massage them to increase circulation in this area, or put them in a pan of warm water.

4) Run hot water in the shower and place your bird in the bathroom steam.

5) Use a hair dryer to blow warm air underneath feathers.

6) Small birds can be held to a person? body inside clothing. Be careful not to compress the bird? chest and inhibit breathing.

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