6 Things to Do with Your Cat on National Cat Day

Your cat will thank you for all you do.

Today, Oct. 29, is National Cat Day. While anyone who has a cat will tell you that every day is cat day (and we’re positive your cat will too), today is the day to make your favorite kitty – or kitties – feel extra special. Here are some suggestions.

1. Let them drive. Most likely they’ll take you to the pet store. Once there, buy them whatever they want.


2. Allow them time to read and relax. Chances are “Cat’s Cradle” and “Cat in the Hat” will be their top book choices.

3. Give them their choice of places to chill… even if that means you have to wait to do the dishes.

4. Let them sleep for as long as they want. And wherever they want.

5. Snuggle with them.

6. Give your cat your heart.

How are you celebrating with your cat? Share a photo with us on the Cat Fancy Facebook page.

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