6 Signs Your Swimming Turkish Van Is Thinking About Turning Pro

The Turkish Van cat breed loves to show off their excellent swimming skills.

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If you can't find your Turkish Van, he's probably in the pool. Via mariesamuels18/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Turkish Van is known as the “swimming cat.” Why? Because they love water!

The breed is believed to have originated near Lake Van in Turkey, which perhaps accounts for their proclivity for swimming. When you couple that affinity for water with their strong, muscular body and silky water-resistant coat, you have the feline version of Michael Phelps.

Here are six clues your Turkish Van cat wants to be a part of the U.S. swim team.

1. They start doing a few warm-up laps around the pool, before actually jumping in.

2. They hoard all of your towels.

3. They branch out into open water.

4. When they are not near a pool, you catch them doing “dry land” workouts on your elliptical.

5. They are constantly working on their stroke technique.

6. And when they’re not in the pool, they can be found resting. But — shhh! — don’t disturb them. They have to get up early for morning practice.

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