6 Siberian Cats Who Are Secretly Russian Gymnasts

There is no better jumper and tumbler than the athletic Siberian cat.

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"Spot me for this pawstand, will you?" Via lionel_the_red_siberian/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Despite the Siberian’s considerable size, this cat breed is sprightly and nimble – springing itself forward and landing perfectly without a hitch. The phenomenal acrobatic gifts of the Siberian cat may potentially be from their Russian heritage — as Russia is globally renowned for gymnasts. Whether it’s something in the water or Russian genetics, no one can deny that watching a Siberian cat gracefully leap, swing and somersault is an eye-popping sight to see.

Here are six Siberian cats giving it their all in gymnastics boot camp.

1. “I have to practice paw pull-ups in order to master the uneven bars.”

2. “Feather toy training has helped me land a full twist!”

3. “A real gymnast can turn anything into a balance beam.”

4. “No American cat can leap longer and higher than I can. Just watch!”

5. “You can’t land a double layout without stretching first! You don’t want to pull a hammy.”

6. “Duo rhythmic gymnastics is a huge event, and we are planning on knocking everyone’s collars off with our routine at Rio 2016. Stay tuned!”

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