6 Signs Your Australian Mist Is A True-Blue Aussie

The Australian Mist loves their homeland and won't let you forget it.

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The Australian Mist has lots of Aussie pride. Via kelliealderman/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Australian Mist cats are mild mannered and medium in size, but they are extreme when it comes to their location — they are almost only found in their native land of Australia.

The Australian Mist was born and bred in ‘Straya, and while popular there, they are rare everywhere else in the world. And because of that, the Australian Mist has embraced their roots and culture. So, if you do have an Australian Mist and you don’t live down under, be prepared for your cat to show off their Aussie pride!

Here are six signs your Australian Mist is Australian through and through.

1. They love to sunbathe.

“I never say no to a sunbeam.”

2. The love typical Australian treats like Arnott’s cookies.

“They are not called cookies. They’re called biscuits, and they’re delicious.”

3. They love to remind you when it’s time to stop working and time to hang 10.

“Time to stop websurfing and start actually surfing.”

4. They prefer their kibble with a little Vegemite.

“What is this? Dry, again?”

5. They never forget their shades.

“When it’s this sunny all the time, you have to keep those peepers protected.”

6. They live for the great outdoors.

“It’s not the Outback, but it’ll do.”

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