6 LaPerm Cats Who Had A Rough Night

Don’t ask the LaPerm how she slept. The answer may not be pretty.

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One look at the LaPerm and you’re immediately reminded of your 1980’s hair mistakes. Via S*ÄgirsHus – LaPerm/ Facebook
Katrina Rossos

No, the LaPerm did not get up on the wrong side of the bed, but they sure look like they did. Their coarse, unruly hair is the most distinctive characteristic of the LaPerm, a result of a genetic mutation. With their frizzy, crimped coat, it’s hard not to think of this cat as frazzled!

Here are 6 LaPerm cats who need to hit the snooze button.

1. “What time is it, man?”

2. “Can you please get out of my face and make me a pot of coffee?”

3. “I did what last night? That’s it. Time to lay off the catnip.”

4. “I slept through my alarm – again! Help me find my toy keys.”

5. “Stop snapping pictures of me!”

6. “Can you roosters crow somewhere else? I’m trying to sleep here.”

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