6 Cat Vomit Causes

Find out why your cat is throwing up and what you can do to help.

When kitty's sick, no one feels good. Via Public Domain Pictures

It’s a subject that turns stomachs, but it’s one that almost all cat owners will encounter: cat vomit. Curb your cat’s illness ASAP by finding out what causes your cat’s sickness and curing it. Check this quick list for help, and click the questions for details on what’s ailing your cat.

Is your cat throwing up after eating? Your cat might be gorging.
You might need to change diets or consider alternative feeding systems.

Do you catch your cat vomiting throughout the day? Your cat could have a liver disorder.

Blood tests will tell you for sure, but observing your cat’s activities can help your vet determine whether to consider this cause.

Does your cat groom, then vomit? This indicates a hairball issue.
Cat hairballs are fairly common, but should be contained. No one wants their cat to skip grooming sessions because it’s getting painful.

Do you see other symptoms, like blood in your cat’s stool? Colitis could be the culprit.
Your vet can help you diagnose this condition, but monitoring your cat’s litterbox leavings will greatly aid the analysis. Keep an eye on your cat’s elimination to know all the symptoms affecting your cat.

Has your cat vomited chronically for months? This might mean a food allergy for your cat.
If your cat has thrown up every day for an extended period, it could be time for a food allergy test. You will want to switch to a hypoallergenic diet, following your vet’s orders.

Did your cat throw up suddenly and repeatedly for hours, and show abdominal pain? Pancreatitis is possible and requires immediate attention.
If sudden, unstoppable vomiting has hit your cat, and he seems to be in pain when you touch his stomach, bring him to the nearest vet facility and have him checked right away. He might have an inflamed pancreas and will need to see a vet right away.

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