6 Cat Hair Hacks

Spend less time picking up cat hair with these six quick tips.

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You walk past your happily lounging kitty, over to the hallway mirror for a final check before exiting to meet friends. You are prepped for success — but cat hair. How do you show your cat the love, and let your cat love your furniture, without being constantly covered in cat hair?

Relax and rejoice: you are 6 simple steps away from keeping kitty happy yet remaining fabulously fur-free.

1. Brush Up
Daily brushing helps control stray hair on both longhaired cats and shorthaired cats. Shorthaired cats need as much or more brushing. These cats’ undercoats have more body oil (being closer to the skin and all) and are harder to clean up. Additionally, oil makes hair cling more and to furniture, carpets and clothes.

Flip the grooming schedule that you have for yourself and use that on your cat – if you get ready in the morning, spend time grooming your cat in the eve; if you shower and lay out outfits at night, brush your cat while you drink coffee in the morning. Treat all cats with care and give ‘em a good brushing when you have the special grooming times.

2. Fabricate Great
Woven fabrics, denim and leather for furniture (and clothes, while we’re at it) attract less hair. Wood and tile floors are your best friends underfoot when you have cats. Any hair out there will be notice and easy to clean with a broom or micro-fiber mop.

Whenever you have a choice, or if you get to pick some covers, go with these textile selections to limit headaches over accumulating hair. Again, if you have a choice, go for the bare floor as well. You can also get large mats, meant for desk chair ease, at office supply stores. Place these strategically around high hair areas for simple cleanup.

Side note: carpets can get de-shedded, too, by running a powerful upright vacuum over your floors every few days. Some models are meant for pet hair challenges and could be valuable weapons in your fight. Take the extension arm of your vacuum to tackle the tree, cat bed or wherever the heck else your cat decides to creatively call his or her “spot.”

3. Throw & Go

Sounds simple (and is simpler) but a throw blanket is anti-hair artillery disguised as home décor.

Here’s why. The blankets act as siren calls to cats, who yearn for a spot where they can curl up. Your cat sleeps on said blanket and boom: couch upholstery spared.

4. Get Rolling
It’s a simple solution and you are likely already onto this one but a lint roller is fantastic at gathering up spare hair. Roll in one direction to successful stickiness.

No roller, no problem: You can also wind packing tape around your hand for cleaning up shedded fur. Draw that adhesive goodness across the surface you need to de-shed and you’ll be hair-free in no time.

5. Water Work
If your brush is a ways away but you want to remove some of the loose fur hanging around kitty, dampen your hand and gently pet your cats to pick up the surface hair. This works on surfaces in the house, too, when you need to brush things off in a jiffy. Again, wet your hands and wipe down the upholstery or spot on the floor you want tidied up.

The first method lets your cat think you’re showing some love (“Hi sweetie!” <pat pat pat>). The second is a quick fix for when the doorbell rings and your house looks like Grey Gardens. Wipe your hands with a cloth towel afterward and toss it into the hamper or whatever corner you use to store laundry this week.

6. Hand Wrap

A latex or latex-alternative glove is your secret weapon to fur-free furniture. The static cling of these things seems to cause a magnetic attraction to shedded cat coats.

This is the easiest fix with the simplest clean up. A couple of drags across the fabric and you’ll have a tidy piece of furniture. Then, take the glove off, turning it inside-out in the process, and dispose. You can use your free hand to roll off some of the fur and toss it into the trash and reuse the glove for even more power hair-removal.

Which steps work best for you or your cats? Tell us in the comments!

Special thanks to Spyder Simkins, our furry model.

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