53 Dogs and Cats Win Semi-Annual Wellness Exams

Sweepstakes was held to promote National Pet Wellness Month.

Fort Dodge Animal Health has announced 53 pet owners and their pets as grand prize winners in the “Twice A Year For Life” sweepstakes.

The winning owners’ pets will receive free semi-annual wellness exams for the lifetime of their pet at the veterinary clinic of their choice. The prize covers the professional fees associated with a semi-annual wellness exam and is valued at up to $75 per exam.

The sweepstakes, which was offered through more than 14,000 clinics, was launched in March 2006 in conjunction with a National Pet Wellness Month campaign to raise consumer awareness about the importance of twice-a-year pet wellness exams in helping to prevent zoonotic diseases.

Zoonotic diseases are ones that can infect both people and pets. They include leptospirosis, Lyme disease, rabies, and ringworm.

“The goal of the sweepstakes was to encourage pet owners to talk with their veterinarian about wellness exams so they can better understand their vitally important role in preventing problems, such as zoonotic diseases, before they become life threatening,” said Craig Wallace, spokesman for Fort Dodge Animal Health.

The sweepstakes, which ended in October, received more than 38,000 entries. For a full list of winners, visit www.npwm.com

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