500 Rats Need Rescuing Near San Francisco

North Star Rescue needs adopters, foster homes, volunteers and donations to rescue 500 rats in the East Bay area of California.

several rats in a cage
Via North Star Rescue/Facebook 
Many of the 500 rats are in overcrowded, dirty conditions.

Since July 2005, North Star Rescue has been saving the lives of small companion animals in need in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Rats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and more have been helped by the rescue. In addition to helping individuals and small groups, the organization has also participated in several large-scale rescues over the years, most notably one called the Thousand Rat Rescue, which was documented on A&E network’s show “Hoarders.” Unfortunately, another large-scale rescue is now underway.

On June 23, 2015,North Star Rescue posted on its Facebook page that it is taking on the task of rescuing approximately 500 rats from a residence in the East Bay. Such rescues are never easy, but North Star Rescue has proved it can meet such a challenge. The announcement was full of optimism that the rats can be saved.

“With your help, we can make it happen!” the announcement states. “Please consider donating, volunteering, fostering or helping us spread the word by sharing this story.”

Information for assisting is as follows: 

1) Contribute to the North Star Rescue Emergency Fundraiser on YouCaring.
2) Visit the North Star Rescue website for information about adopting.
3) Send an email to North Star Rescue for information about volunteering or fostering (click on the links to get emails). Ways to help can include things like transporting rats between locations, donating supplies or just letting people know that the rescue needs assistance.
Updates since the initial announcement indicate that 120 rats of the estimated 500 have already been pulled from the home. Part of the difficulty is that some of the rats have escaped cages and are roaming free. Also, rats cannot be pulled from the situation until there is someplace to take them. The goal of the fundraiser is $2,000. As of today, it has reached $1,150.
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