50 Critter Q And As

Find out "why small animal pets do what they do" from the experts.

critter Q&A articleWhether you’re curious to uncover why your bunny is pulling out its fur or contemplating the addition of a mouse to your extended family and eager to know whether a male or female would be a better choice, critters of all species and sizes are accompanied by a wide array of behavior questions that leave us baffled. But they don’t have to. Demystifying behavior is as easy as 1, 2, 3 — especially when you’re armed with answers from professionals who work with them day in and day out! 

Q: Are rabbits aggressive?
A: “Most rabbit aggression is based in fear,” said Katie Rainwater, MA, DVM, of Birds and Exotics Animal Care in Mount Pleasant, S.C. “As prey animals, rabbits are programmed for flight, fight or freeze when faced with something that makes them fearful. Rabbits that are not routinely handled may become fearful and aggressive when approached, leading to thumping, biting and scratching behavior. Hormonal influence in both bucks and does can also complicate the situation.”

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