5 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Get a Date

You knew there was a reason you chose such a cute dog.

You’re single. Except for hanging out with your canine companion, you spend most evenings heating up a microwave dinner and watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show. OK, so that probably doesn’t actually describe you, but if you are single, your dog can help you get a date. Here are five ways he does just that:

1. They get you out of the house, where you’ll actually meet real people out in the real world.

Dog Date


2. They’re so cute at least one person you find attractive will approach you.

Dog Date


3. Dogs are conversation starters. “Your dog is gorgeous. What’s his name?” “That’s a great dog. I had a [whatever the breed is] when I was a kid.” “We should get together for a doggy play date.” The possibilities are endless.

Dog Date


4. Dogs help you meet people like you. Take your pooch for a walk in the dog park or for a visit to the dog beach. Once there, you’ll meet others with dogs, which means you’ll have a head start in the relationship by already having something in common.

Dog Date

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5. And if none of those works, there’s always Tindog, the dating app for people with dogs.

Get Tindog App and meet friends for your dog 🙂

Download tindog for free on iOS and Android http://mypetsitter.today/3sz9b

Posted by Holidog on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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