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5 Ways to Travel Cheaply With Cats

Travel with your cat without breaking the bank by following these five tips.

Travel with your cat without breaking the bank by following these five tips.

Ready for some road-tripping adventures with your cat? Simply because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the fun. Whether you’re taking your cat with you on the road for companionship or for a move, here are some easy ways to save money:

1. Prepare Early.

Food? Check. Water bowls? Check. Cat carrier? Check. Kitty litter? Check. Making a list of all the items you’ll need well beforehand will prevent you from tearing your hair out and not have to buy things throughout the trip — which adds up. If you have enough room in your car, stock up on extras such as soft baby blankets. After all, comfort for your cat is king. You can load up on a few extra cat-care essentials as backup from your local dollar store.

2. Stay with Friends.

Depending on where you’re headed, check with your cat-friendly pals to see if you can stay with them for a night or two. You can have some quality catch-up time and save money while you’re at it. If they have other pets or a small urban dwelling, suss things out with them beforehand.

3. Look for a Pet-Friendly Hotel.

 If you don’t have any pals that you can stay with during your road trip, you can book a stay at a pet-friendly hotel or Airbnb. A few hotel chains, such as La Quinta, Motel 6, Kimpton Hotels, and Red Roof Inns, allow your cat to stay without a deposit fee. Some of these places even offer amenities and freebies. Just check their policy to check on any restrictions and the number of pets that they allow.

4. Bring a First-Aid Pet Kit.

Having a first aid kit for your cat will not only ensure that she will be taken care of in case she gets a boo-boo, but can prevent costly trips to the vet in unfamiliar locales. Must-haves for your kit include antiseptic, gauze, and tweezers. You can also download a pet first aid app, such as the free first-aid kit from the Red Cross, which not only features emergency first aid info, but also a locator to find the nearest vet and pet-friendly hotels.

5. Pack your Food.

Packing all the food you’ll need for trip will eliminate running around to replenish the food stash.
This is especially helpful if your cat has special dietary needs. If raw or wet food is part of your cat’s daily diet, you can pack it up in a cooler filled with ice. To make sure you have enough for the trip, you might want to bring extra dry food, just in case. Dry food is more portable than the wet stuff and will keep longer.

To stave off the summer heat, you might want to wait until the fall to travel on the road with your feline. After all, as a cat parent your main concern is making sure your darling cat is safe and comfortable throughout the trip.  Here’s to happy and frugal travels!

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