5 Tips To Easter Fun For You & Your Bird

Have a fun and safe Easter with your pet by following these bird-safe Easter tips.

Easter is a great time for friends and family ?including the feathered ones. Invite your bird into the Easter celebrations with these fun and bird-safe tips!

1) Make an Easter egg for your bird. Leave the eggs boiling a little longer than you usually do and, when cool, scrub them vigorously. Use vegetable-dye to color the eggs, and then let your bird play with it!

2) If you?e planning an Easter egg hunt in your yard and you plan on taking your bird outside for the festivities, make sure her wing feathers are properly trimmed a few days beforehand. (Some birds, such as cockatiels, can still fly a great distance even with a recent wing feather trim, so use great caution). A more cautious route is to house your bird in a carrier or cage while outside, or have her wear a bird-safe harness if she has been accustomed to wearing one.

3) Those pastel-colored, bird bite-size candies are not for birds! While the little ones are running around munching on them, pick up any stray candies your bird might be reaching for. Pick up the wrappers, too. Bright-colored foil is no better for your bird. And don? allow your bird to take a bite of a chocolate bunny ?chocolate is toxic to birds.

4) Instead of plastic grass, which is harmful for your bird, decorate your baskets with paper strips, made from construction paper, or vegetable dyed (run them through a paper shredder for a nice, uniform look). Pick up a natural wicker basket from your local craft shop, and make an Easter basket for your bird!

5) Instead of flowers from a shop, pick untreated, fresh flowers from your garden for decorations or bouquets. While you are at it, serve a few bird-safe flowers to your bird.

6) Remind family members to give your bird her space and to only approach her under your supervision. Print out the overnight guest card, and guests will know the house rules so everyone feels right at home around your pet bird. If your bird appears stressed by the additional family members, place her in a quiet room where she won? be interrupted. Play some soft music to help your bird stay calm.

Have a Happy Easter for you and your bird!

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