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5 #ParrotsofInstagram Photos Of The Day ?May 7, 2015

Check out the best #parrotsofinstagram photos from May 7, 2015.

Check out the best #parrotsofinstagram photos from May 7, 2015.

There’s this cockatoo preening another “cockatoo.” 

There’s these adorable peach-faced lovebirds.

A pair of #lovebirds at #fosterparrots #parrotsofinstagram #parrots #birds #birdsofinstagram #lovebird

A photo posted by Foster Parrots Ltd (@foster_parrots) on

There’s this very comfortable quaker parrot. 

There’s this timneh African grey who wonders if you love music. 

And this parrotlet wants you to go on an adventure!

“Follow me. I know the way!” #headingupstairs #toosmart #Pip #parrotsofinstagram

A photo posted by Jennifer Svajda (@jenniederekandpip) on

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5 #ParrotsofInstagram Photos Of The Day ?May 6, 2015

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