5 #ParrotsofInstagram Photos Of The Day ?May 6, 2015

Check out the best #parrotsofinstagram photos from May 5, 2015.

I am always looking through the #parrotsofinstagram tag on Instagram to see all the cute uploads. Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen today.

There’s the cute quaker pretending to be a tortoise.

There’s this green-winged macaw rockstar. 

What a rockstar! @shawnrr

A photo posted by The Animal Rescue Site (@animalzone) on

There’s this conure, all snug in a sleeve.

There’s these two birds hanging out on the shower curtain.


And then there’s this gorgeous Goffin’s cockatoo.


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5 #ParrotsofInstagram Photos Of The Day ?May 5, 2015

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