5 Museums Every Cat Lover Must Visit

Check out some of the most interesting (cat-themed) artwork around.

Often when I travel to a new place I visit a museum. It’s always interesting to me to see what each country displays as art. Some I don’t quite understand (one museum I went to in Denmark had a framed canvas that was painted black; another museum in Australia had skeleton displays, one of which was of a skeleton sitting in a rocking chair), while others are so amazing – and often breathtaking – to see in person (the “Mona Lisa” and “Winged Victory” at the Louvre, the “Last Supper” in Milan).

But what is usually the most interesting are the collections of artwork in a themed museum. Themed museums are awesome, especially when the theme is something you love. And of course the one thing CatChannel readers love most is cats.

Here’s a list of five cat-themed museums every feline friendly individual should check out:

1. Cat Museum San Francisco
This museum explores the 5,000-year relationship between cats and humans. There are cat-themed exhibitions, and their website features the cats of Ancient Egypt, cats that have appeared in print and film, and more. I think the Mark Twain quote on their homepage says it best “Of all God’s creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but would deteriorate the cat.”

2. Feline Historical Museum – Alliance, Ohio

The CFA Foundation Feline Historical Museum initially started with book donations and purchases of historical artifacts. Among those first artifacts was a silver collar from 1895. By 2010, the museum had grown and a building to house the collection was renovated. Their collection includes Maneki Neko and the Frank Lloyd Wright Cat House. There are even live cats at this museum!

3. KattenKabinet – Amsterdam
The Cat Cabinet displays a great deal of cat-themed art, from posters to paintings to sculptures to photographs and just about everything in between, including playbills and lithographs. If you won’t be in Amsterdam any time soon, you can always visit their website, which features some of the collection, as well as shop in their web store, where you can purchase posters, postcards, books, t-shirts and more.

4. Museo Casa de los Gatos – Spain
Cat’s House sits on the Spanish seaside not far from Barcelona. The museum occupies a three-story house and consists of a private collection owned by Alexandr Gvozdev and Vera Novoselova. The collection is made up of various cat-themed items from around the world: murals, paintings, ceramics, cat clocks, cats made of glass and other materials and more. It’s a collection worth seeing for any cat lover.

5. Moscow Cat Museum – Russia
This museum, also dedicated to all things cat, and is divided in unique sections, including “Women and Cats,” “Cat’s Metamorphoses,” “Cat’s Eye” and “Cat’s Magic,” among others. They host at least two contests a year; one is a beauty contests for women and cats and the other is a cat drawing contest for children. You can check out images from both of these contests on their website. If you decide to visit the museum, they request that you call first.

Do you know of another cat-themed museum not on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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