5 Jobs Your Bird Would Excel At

In these five jobs, your bird will be employee-of-the-month time and time again. Which job would your parrot have?

Pacific parrotlet on tools

If our parrots had to get jobs like us, what kind of careers would they pick? We thought of 5 jobs that our pet birds can do.

1) Store Greeter
How many times have you walked past your bird, and been greeted with a happy “Hello!?Now imagine your bird greeting customers as they come into stores. All she would need to know is two key phrases ?”Hello, welcome to [store name!]?and “Thank you for shopping!??which you could teach easily. Customers would get a kick out of it too. And when your bird will take payments in treats and occasional head scritches, you can? go wrong!

2) Art Model
Want to really challenge art students? Have your bird serve as a model! Can a student perfectly replicate your bird? beak? Capture the ultraviolet hues of your bird? feathers? Show off that keen intelligence you see in your bird? eyes?

It?l be even more of a challenge when your bird makes off with a student? pencil, or plots the destruction of the oil paints. Nothing like working under pressure, right?

3) De-struction Worker
Construction workers build things, but often times, they have to tear something down first. Enter your bird! The remains of thousands of destroy toys lie in her wake, and she? ready for a new challenge. Need to tear down an old building? Your bird is on it. She?l look real cute in a construction hat, won? she?

4) Post Bird
Step aside, carrier pigeons! Carrier parrots are the upcoming messengers. You can train your bird to fly from place to place, delivering an audio message to the intended receiver. With a payment in pistachios or shelled peanuts, you can save on the cost of a stamp!

5) Singer/Dancer
Birds love to dance and sing, so why not take that act to the stage? From dancing to the latest music, or screaming in a heavy metal band or serenading you with the Andy Griffith tune, your bird may have the chops to become the next pop sensation.

What job your bird do? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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