5 Finds for Cats at the Dollar Store

Need to save feline funds? You'll find these five cat items at the dollar store.


If you’re on a budget, shopping at the dollar store can make your money stretch farther and make you feel like a rich cat parent.  From daily essentials to fun play items, you’ll be surprised at how many goodies for cats can be found in the aisles. Here are some favorite finds at the dollar store.


Name-Brand Cat Food
From small bags of dry cat food to kitty treats and cans of wet cat food in a variety of flavors, there’s a bounty of brand name cat food to choose from at the dollar store. There were larger cans of cat food (13 oz) and smaller cans as well. The smaller cans (5.5 oz) of cat food sell at $0.59 each or two for $0.99. These are great to have on hand to feed any ferals or strays that roam about your neighborhood.


Pet Deodorizer
This was spotted in the pet home cleaning products next to the dog supplies section alongside some pet carpet powder and deodorizer. Although you can easily make your own with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, if you’re pressed for time and need to clean up a small mess, this pet deodorizer will come in handy.


Vibrating Balls
These vibrating balls, found in the toy section, could easily provide hours of entertainment for your cat and are a great size. All you need to do is pull the string and watch your cat become mesmerized. The plastic ring that the pull string is attached to could be a safety concern, and you can wrap some Sisal rope to err on the side of caution. There was also a little plastic shooter toy that came with several ping pong balls.


Cat Toys
You can find plenty of cat toys to choose from, such as little furry mice filled with catnip, colorful plastic balls that rattle and feather toys with a small bell attached. Most toys came three to five in a package and, depending on how fast your cat goes through his toys, can last you a long time.


Cat Scratch Pad

A killer find were these fun yet functional scratch pads. There’s a furry swiveling mouse to keep your cat entertained and a scratching pad. They were priced a little higher at $1.99 but the retail price is $16. (Pro tip: look for special pricing as these days dollar stores are carrying more items that cost slightly more than a dollar.) lf you’re lucky, you’ll be able to score a great deal like this one, but the selection does vary from store to store.

Sniff around other sections of the store (the dog aisle, toy aisle and baby aisle are great places to start) to hunt for bargain items for your cat. And of course, always practice discretion when it comes to your cat’s safety. Not all items are created equal at the dollar store. While some products equal what you might find at a pet store or supermarket, the generic items may compromise quality for a low cost (it is the dollar store, after all). So read the ingredients and do a test run with your cat before going crazy and buying a massive quantity.

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