5 Dog Travel Safety Tips

Traveling with your dog over the holidays? Check out these great tips for a safe and healthy trip!

The holidays are in full swing and that often means traveling with your pet. Whether you are flying with your dog or taking a car trip, knowing these simple tips beforehand can take some of the risk out of the journey and make it more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

1. If you decide to fly with your dog, be sure to check with your airline carrier about their crate requirements before the day of the flight. Each airline has different size constraints.

2. When traveling with your pet, make sure to pack your dogs food, bed and toys to help him feel at home. It is even a good idea to bring some water from home as some pets won’t drink strange water.

3. Properly restrain your pet while in the car. Studies show that pets, just like people, stand a better chance in a car accident if they are properly “buckled up.” There are several types of restraints on the market, from doggy seat belts, to car seats to booster seats; pick the one that is right for the size of your dog and the type of car you drive.

4. If you dog gets carsick, talk to your vet before the trip about giving him something to help, like Dramamine or ginger.

5. Whether you get there by plane, train, or automobile, make sure that your destination is pet friendly. Check out the pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities that are available. If you are staying in a hotel, remember most do not allow your dog to remain in the room without you, so may want to see if the hotel offers doggy daycare or if there is a nearby business that offers this service.

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