5 Cats Meet Baby For The First Time And Are Completely Mystified

When five Scottish Fold cats meet their human baby brother for the first time, they're all like, "What ARE you?"

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"So, guys. What is this creature, anyway?"

Whenever a family gets a new member, there is a strange period of adjustment.

And in a video uploaded to YouTube by Suri Noel, it’s a group of five Scottish Folds that need to adjust to their new human baby brother.

The video shows their first encounter with the baby, and they all seem extremely confused and mystified by him.

Via YouTube

“You smell strange… Did you forget to visit the litter box?” Via Suri Noel/YouTube

They slowly start to warm up to the cooing creature, and are much less timid upon approach.

Via YouTube

“See, kid? Dinner time is the best part of the day.” Via Suri Noel/YouTube

And as with most awkward first encounters, once they share a meal together, all is well.

Via YouTube

“But, Mom. What about us?” Via Suri Noel/YouTube

But in terms of having to split the adoring attention from their owners with the new squirming bundle of joy… well, that’s still a work in progress.

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