5 Budget Apps for Cats Save You Money Super Easily

Easy-to-use apps for your phone or tablet will help you stay in the green on the cat scene.

If you’re on a budget, smartphone and tablet apps help you save money with ease. Whether replacing items you normally buy for your cat with an electronic equivalent or helping to save on things you purchase on a regular budget, these five apps help you save some dollars on your darling cat.

Checkout 51
Price: Free
Plenty of clever coupon apps are out there. Checkout 51 features offers on items you already buy, including mainstays such as cat litter and cat food. You can save on purchases for your feline by accepting rebate offers and uploading the receipt. Once you’ve racked up $20 in earnings, you’ll receive a check.

Price: Free
Already clip coupons for things you buy for your cat? Through the SnipSnap app, you can save physical coupons to your phone with a quick snap on your camera phone. You can do an easy search for cat-related items and discover coupons that are similar to the ones you already have. You can also check out the success rating for a coupon, which is super helpful. Not only will you have all your coupons in one handy place, you’ll learn about sweet new deals.

Cat Clicker Training
Price: $0.99
Are you working on shaping your cat’s behavior with the clicker-training method? While clickers aren’t very expensive, this cat clicker for your phone might be worth the $0.99 if you are someone who tends to misplace things. Although its name implies otherwise, it’s not really an animal-specific app, so you can use it on your dog, too.

Cat Alone 2
Price: $0.99
A sequel to Cat Alone, Cat Alone 2 will keep your cat entertained for hours with games designed just for her. With games such as “catch mouse,” “playing with feather” and “red” light, the 6 featured games will enrich and delight your feline. Depending on your cat’s personality and preferences, this app may be a pretty good substitute for purchasing toys that undergo wear and tear, although you probably want to be careful with covering your tablet screen with an add-on plastic protective cover. Cat Alone 2 may also come in handy if you’re traveling with your cat and luggage space is limited.

Cat Fishing 2

Price: Free
Cat Fishing 2 will you’re your cat fishing until the cows come home (or until the battery runs out on your tablet). There are three levels and the more fish your cat catches, the harder the game gets. It will surely have your cat meowing from pure joy. As with other electronic games for cats, just make sure there’s no plastic protective cover on your phone or tablet.

With a few simple clicks on your phone or tablet, with these free or low-cost apps, you’ll find some savvy ways to save a buck and keep your cat happy and entertained.

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