4-Year-Old Uses YouTube To Train His Puppy

We go to YouTube for just about everything else, why not pet training tutorials?

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Lincoln takes the time to train his puppy, online tutorial style. Via The Ball Brothers/Facebook
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Daniel and Tasha Ball’s son Lincoln has severe allergies. They’re so severe that the 4-year-old must stay indoors during allergy season, which of course led to getting a puppy.

“The allergy doctor said half-jokingly, ‘Well there’s good news and bad news,'” Daniel Ball told ABC News. “‘The bad news is you’re allergic to everything outside. The good news is you’re not allergic to pets. You could get a puppy.’”

Lincoln was ecstatic about the prospect of having a a pet.

“He walked out of the doctor’s office as happy as could be and said, ‘This means I can get a puppy!!!’ So we got him a puppy,” The Ball Brothers, Daniel’s band, posted on Facebook.

The Chickamauga, Georgia-based family got a Saint Bernard puppy, and the littlest member of the family was told that getting a puppy meant being responsible for that puppy. Daniel told Lincoln that he needs to train the dog, and suggested looking up tutorials on YouTube. As The Ball Brothers wrote in their post, “Lincoln decided to skip the middle man and show the training videos directly to the puppy.”

Daniel and Tasha’s youngest son, Lincoln, got a new puppy. They told Lincoln that he could look up puppy training tips…

Posted by The Ball Brothers on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Makes sense to us. And based on the photo, which has since gone viral (of course it has; look at it), the 4-year-old and his puppy think it makes pretty good sense, too.

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