4-Month-Old Puppy Found Beaten, Buried Alive

The puppy, now named Moxie, is recovering at an Augusta, Georgia, animal hospital.

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Moxie is now recovering at the Westside Animal Hospital. Via Dog Networking Agents/Facebook

A puppy is fighting for his life after being beaten and buried alive.

When little Moxie was discovered, he was nearly comatose, covered in ant bites and trying to dig himself out of the hole where he’d been buried and left to die, WJBF News Channel 6 reports.

The 4-month-old mixed-breed puppy was delivered to the Westside Animal Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, where he is slowly starting to recover. Although Moxie — he was given the name after his arrival at the clinic — is in better shape than he was when he was found, the veterinarians are still cautiously optimistic about his progress.

Moxie is "fighting all the way," Dog Networking Agents wrote on Facebook. Via Dog Networking Agents/Facebook

Moxie is “fighting all the way,” Dog Networking Agents wrote on Facebook. Via Dog Networking Agents/Facebook

“[There] potentially could be long term affects.  There is still a large amount of swelling in his head,” veterinarian Scarlett Timmons told WJBF. “It could be a period of time before we know the extent of damages, but we are pleased to see him regain normal function of being able to eat and drink and stand on his own.”

A non-profit group, Dog Networking Agents, is covering the cost of Moxie’s veterinary treatment. A police officer told the local news station that the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office was not investigating the puppy’s near-death experience, and that no complaints had been filed. If anyone does have information about the incident, they are encouraged to call either the sheriff’s office or Augusta Animal Services.

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