4 Ballerina Dogs Who Wish they Were Misty Copeland

These prima ballerinas are waiting for their moment in the spotlight.

Misty Copeland made history today, taking center stage as the first African-American female principal dancer at New York’s American Ballet Theatre. A true representation of diversity in ballet, she has wowed the dance world and non-dance world, with her power and beauty on stage.

What does this have to do with dogs you ask? Nothing at all! But, in honor of this exciting day, we have collected a series of dogs who will now dance in her honor. These pups also have dreams of making it to the big stage!

 1. Sugar the Ballerina Dog Dances to Fabiosantango


2. Gaby the Amazing Ballerina Dog


3. The Talented Ariel, Dances Ballet


4. Lucy the Schnauzer Performs the Nutcracker



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